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Looma: Our Current Project

Education in Nepal depends on the performance of 34,000 widely-scattered schools. Many lack the basics that we take for granted: textbooks, white boards, electricity and the Internet.



Looma has all of these and more in a compact wooden box, allowing teachers to provide a level of education never before achieved in Nepal, and can be configured to the curriculum for any country.

VillageTech Solutions

Mission: create technologies to improve lives in developing countries


You Can Make a Difference! 


Time and Talent

VTS is all-volunteer: shop smiths, programmers, and curriculum developers, high school and college student volunteers are responsible for all that VTS has to offer.





Donations fund supplies for R&D, prototypes for field trials and pilot sites,  travel and living costs for volunteers overseas, and basic fees of our 501(c)3 sponsors. 

All gifts are tax-deductible.

All aim for high-impact benefits. 


Partners are essential to making Looma practical. We seek and license partners to make and improve equipment and software, distribute and maintain the systems, develop content, and improve user interface.