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Focused Expenses   VTS has few 'overhead' costs. The worksite (a garage) is free. All participants are volunteers. Consequently, almost all donated funds go directly to providing practical solutions to the problems of developing nations. The main non-project cost is a modest fee to our fiscal sponsor--to ensure tax deductibility for all donations.


Looma    For several years we will focus on establishing Looma in Nepal, strengthening the commitment of Looma's international and Nepalese business and education partners, and continuing to improve Looma's hardware, software, and 'international' content.

We may need to fund some part of the cost for the pilot systems and living expenses for any VTS interns. We may also want to assist local partners with the initial startup expenses they incur to generate local content and we learn how best to use Looma's capabilities.


SunLights   Thanks to your donations, VillageSolutions (VS), our Nepal partner, has installed solar lighting in the shelters of 799 of Nepal's thousands of earthquake-displaced people. 91 more are in process and VS has inventory for another 100-150 at their current cost of $82/family.


Tax Status   All donations to VTS are deductible.

VillageTech Solutions has non-profit 501(c)(3) status "as a project of ISI". VTS' EIN is 77-0700039

Inquiring Systems Inc (ISI) (www.inquiringsystems.org) is our fiscal sponsor, ISI's EIN is 94-2524840


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