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Open source, adaptable, high-tech education


Many schools in resource-limited developing nations lack the basic necessities for enhanced education: infrastructure, reliable electricity, Internet access, and quality educational content. 


VillageTech Solutions is currently developing Looma, an affordable and low power-consuming audio-visual device. Looma can provide an interactive window to educational content for any school.

Looma combines a computer, A/V projection system, webcam, and massive storage. 

It uses only 55W from deep-cycle 12-volt batteries that are charged with solar power.


  • A powerful quad-core Odroid computer with massive 128 GB storage

  • Bright 450-lumen image--typically 1X2 meters projected on a white wall

  • Ample sound for the whole classroom

  • A webcam to record teacher or student presentations

  • Mobile phone, Ethernet (if available), USB, and WiFi connectivity

  • Many operating features: whiteboard, English text-to-speech (reads the text to students)

  • Fully interactive--controlled by an aerial mouse (a wand) anywhere in the room

  • VTS' open-source software with many applications

VTS will work with partners to gather educational content for students and adults as well as teacher training materials. Initial field trials are under way in twelve schools in Nepal.


The goal is that this powerful tool gets into the hands of students and teachers worldwide.